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sustainable management services

Everything begins with a seed. We are proud to work with ECOM Sustainable Management Services.

Sustainable Management Services (SMS), is a Division of the ECOM Group, which operates in 23 countries with a network of more than 1,100 agronomists and field specialists whose substantive mission is to contribute to the improvement of economic, social, environmental, and health conditions of coffee growers and their families.

In Mexico, SMS strengthens Cari Coffee’s missions by providing training, advisory, technical assistance, and quality management services, sustainable certifications, and inputs (plants, nutrients, biopesticides, among others) required by producers integrated into Cari’s supply chains and cooperatives.

We created specialized intervention methodologies, technological management, and powerful traceability tools such as SMS Integrity. Our main asset is our constant presence in the field thanks to technicians living in the producers’ communities.

Discover the Customer Service and Follow-up Center (Centro de Atencion y Seguimiento al Cliente – CASC) :

Quality: the story of Miguel Ronquillo Aco

Miguel Ronquillo Aco is the third generation of a family of coffee growers from Totutla, a town located in the northeastern highlands of the state of Puebla.

After graduating from university, he returned to his homeland with the firm conviction of transforming the traditional production system in search of high yields, thus turning his farm into an intensive coffee-growing model under controlled shadow and more dependent on agricultural inputs.

With the timely monitoring of SMS, Miguel’s work materialized in an increase in productivity by going from 3 QQ/Ha to 45 QQ/Ha in 5 years, in addition to achieving excellent results in quality that prompted him to participate in the Cup of Excellence Mexico in 2019, where he was awarded the eleventh rank in the international phase!

Productivity: the story of Alexis Velazquéz Escalante

Alexis owns a farm of 10 hectares called Peña Blanca, located in the Frailesca region at an altitude of 1,500 MASL with his mother Adelina and his two sisters.

Over the years, the maximum production on the farm was 110 quintals. When the rust disease came to Mexico, Alexis sought technical assistance from the local SMS team. The technician recommended the application of Dolomite Lime and pruning. When the need came to renew the farm with new varieties, Alexis divided his plot and focused on one half (5 ha). The following harvest he managed to raise 70 QQ and with the same technical assistance, he applied nutrients to the plants, in addition to renewing with the seedling donation from C.A.F.E. Practices.

Two years after the rust Alexis was very excited to raise 150 QQ (+136%). The main variety planted was Marsellesa with very favorable results, it raised its productivity to 370 QQ in the 2018-2019 crop (+336%) and 430 QQ last year (+390%)!

Today, Alexis and his mother are our star producers in the region, providing better coffees every year. The sales of their micro-lots allow them to invest in the farm and improve the quality (their patio in the pictures below is brand new!).