Regional Villa Corzo


Quick Facts

Location Frailesca, Chiapas – Altitude 1,500 MASL

Process Washed – Variety Marsellesa

Density 0.7 – MC 10.9% – aW 0.5

Cupping Notes Lemon zest, Orange, Mint, Floral, Peach

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Out of stock

Thanks to our partner Descamex, this reference can be decaffeinated (min. order: 75 bags of 69kg)

Coffee’s Story

Near Jaltenango, in the middle of the Frailesca region, Villa Corzo is a small town known for its coffee production. For the first time, we opened a purchase-center there in our quest to find specialty producers. This coffee embodies the profile of the microregion, it is conventional.

This lot is currently stored in our warehouse in Oaxaca, waiting to be milled and shipped.