Regional Siltepec FTO


Quick Facts

Location SiltepecAltitude 1,565 MASL

Process Washed – Variety Marsellesa, Típica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

Density 0.713 – MC 11% – aW 0.53

Cupping Notes Citrus, Black tea, Pipe tobacco, Peach

Bags Availability 110

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Thanks to our partner Descamex, this reference can be decaffeinated (min. order: 75 bags of 69kg)

Coffee’s Story

This GRAPOS Reserve specialty lot is a blend of several small producers of the Siltepec region. All the farms are FTO certified, members of the GRAPOS cooperative.

Most of the producers of this region are considered “small” farmers (below 5 ha) and unlike Oaxaca where the wet process is handled on the farm, in Siltepec, coffee producers bring the cherries to their home where a wet mill is installed. They sell their washed coffee to their cooperatives and their natural coffee to coyotes who will commercialize it locally.

Once the process is done, the members of the GRAPOS organization store the parchment before selling it to the closest purchase center. Coffee is then moved to Tapachula (5-6 hours), the main warehouse of the organization before being processed and exported.