Regional Ozolotepec FTO

Quick Facts

Location Santa Cruz OzolotepecAltitude 1,550 to 1,750 MASL

Process Washed – Variety Criollo, Marsellesa

Density 0.688 – MC 10.3% – aW 0.46

Cupping Notes Cinnamon, Toasted almonds, Cocoa, Yellow fruits, White tea, Peach, Apple, Blueberry

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Thanks to our partner Descamex, this reference can be decaffeinated (min. order: 75 bags of 69kg)

Coffee’s Story

Ozolotepec is a very important community for us in Oaxaca, we saw a huge improvement in quality the last two years, and it is just a start! The farmers are very happy to finally be part of the specialty wave. Their process is mostly washed, and the parchment is sundried on petates (rugs made of palms) to avoid contamination. The majority of the producers of the town are quite old (the young generation is now working in the big cities or abroad) but we can assure you that they are hard to follow on the steep paths leading to the farms!

The municipality of Ozolotepec is labeled “Pluma”, still not an official denomination of origin – the coffee committee of the state of Oaxaca is working on it to enhance the local coffee production. All the producers we work with are FTO and CP certified and members of the coop UNECAFE.

Santa Cruz Ozolotepec is known for its production of shaded coffee, which guarantees the permanence of a great diversity of native species, protecting the natural environment since they are a refuge for species of epiphytic plants and fauna such as mammals, reptile birds, amphibians, and arthropods. The shaded coffee plantations in the area have similar diversity to the natural forests, their soils are preserved, they are fundamental in the capture of water and the retention of carbon. All these factors make coffee-growing an environment-friendly activity.

Fun fact: there is no proper road to bring the coffee from the farm to the town therefore, the producers are used to rent a mule – which can carry two quintals at a time.