Regional Coatepec


Quick Facts

Location Coatepec – Altitude 1,150 to 1,300 MASL

Process Washed – Variety Marsellesa, Obata Rojo, Anacafé 14

Density 0.699 – MC 11% – aW 0.55

Cupping Notes Hazelnut, Caramel, Toasted almonds, Fruit punch, Strawberries, Black tea, Grapefruit, Jasmine

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Thanks to our partner Descamex, this reference can be decaffeinated (min. order: 75 bags of 69kg)

Coffee’s Story

Aromas de Coatepec is a cooperative that buys in several locations of Veracruz. They were able to separate the best cherries of the current crop and process them in their wet mill of Coatepec. The coffee comes from coffee farms located in the center of the state – in Texin, Baxtla, and Pacho Viejo.

In 2009, the farmers of the region started to plant mostly productive varieties to make the farms sustainable. When the rust hit Mexico (in 2012), they took the decision to renew the plantations with hybrid varieties, Marsellesa, Obata, and Anacafé 14. Today these communities are committed to producing coffee in a sustainable way by regularly investing in varieties resistant to climate change with high productivity while maintaining a good cup quality. Every year, coffees from Veracruz are in the top 5 of the Cup of Excellence competition.

All the cherries are selectively harvested and sorted once delivered to the mill. The coffee is pulped with an ecological pulper, separating the ripe cherries from the unripe ones. After that step, the coffee is sorted by density and distributed in tanks to ferment for 24 hours. After the fermentation, under a process of osmosis, the mucilage is removed with a pressurized demucilaginator with little water. Coffee is then dried in “guardiolas” to reach the correct moisture content and water activity.

This coffee is currently stored in grain pro bags, ready to be milled and shipped.