Microlot Yajalón


Quick Facts

Location Yajalón, Chiapas – Altitude 1,440 MASL

Process Washed – Variety Bourbon, Costa Rica

Density 0.721 – MC 10.6% – aW 0.53

Cupping Notes Lavender, Blueberries, Jasmine, Black tea, Mint, Lime

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Thanks to our partner Descamex, this reference can be decaffeinated (min. order: 75 bags of 69kg)

Coffee’s Story

First microlot of the season 2021, this citric and fruity coffee was produced by José Domingo Guzman Gomez in his 7 Ha farm “Rancheria Argentina” located in Chilón, Chiapas. José Domingo is proud of his Tzeltal origin. This coffee is conventionally grown and was carefully selected by our cupper in Yajalón. 

The cherries are washed in wooden tanks with clear water and dried on patios. Every defective bean is manually removed by the producer and his family during the process.

Aware of the good coffee that he produces and knowing that he could fulfill the requirements for the Cari Coffee project, José Domingo is glad that the quality of his coffee is truly valued. He is very excited that his coffee has been qualified with excellent scores.