Mexican Specialty Coffees

Quick Facts

 Legal name: Grupo de Agricultores Positivos S.P.R. de R.L.

Country: Mexico

State / Province: Chiapas

Number of producers: 2,708 (71.5% men / 28.5% women)

Altitude MASL: From 700 to 1,600

Main varieties: Típica, Marsellesa, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

Harvest: December to April

Main process: Washed

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be a leading group of coffee producers in the market by offering quality products through sustainable mechanisms of production and commercialization, while generating social and economic development, in order to strengthen our coffee-growing partners.

We seek excellence through new environmentally friendly technologies, improving our results, and thus contributing to the permanent development of our social environment.

Our History

GRAPOS was created by small producers in August 8, 2007, with the purpose of generating social and economic development through the organization. Our driving purpose is to produce and export certified coffee allowing the farmers to be competitive in national and international markets.

Most of the producers live in remote communities where communication and transportation are very limited, which is a complication to trading their product. Thanks to the different certifications, including fair trade, the producers who are members of the organization have been able to increase the quality of the product and the productivity of their farms by renewing their plots of land.

The evolution of GRAPOS has been constant, starting with 90 producers in 2007 and increasing the next year to 300, growing gradually until 2016 when we counted 3,231 producers. Today we count 2,708 producers, 772 women, and 1,936 men.

The organization continues to expand thanks to the good work and the support provided to the producer, such as technical assistance, free plants to renew the plantations affected by rust and other diseases, as well as other programs.

We placed 8 collection centers located in strategic points so that producers could travel the shortest distance possible to sell their product. These collection centers are located in Angel Díaz, Honduras, Llano Grande, Porvenir, Vega del Rosario, Tapachula, Guatimoc, and Chicomuselo.

Our producers are certified under the following labels: FAIRTRADE, UTZ, Fair For Life, Biosuisse, Krav, USDA-NOP, UE, Naturland, and LPO with the objective of having a wide market for the commercialization of our coffee.

With the premiums received for the sale of our product, our committee determines in which area it is necessary to invest, such as coffee trees delivery, production tools, funds to renovate the farms, field technical assessment…