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Hironori Kondo

Growth & Sales

    Hironori (everyone calls him just “Hiro”) connects importers and roasters with Mexican specialty producers. He is passionate about coffee and provide the best service with his various years of experience in a coffee importer.

    He understands both COE and SCA protocol as a certified Q grader, and offer the best coffee which meets each client’s needs.

    He loves nature and enjoys fishing and hiking. 

    Pablo Fraire

    Operations & Education

    Pablo coordinates the logistics from the farm to the port. Also, all the lots delivered to CARI are cupped by him and he creates profiles depending on the preference of each client.

    Communication and education with producers are also part of his activities, using his experience of working in a coffee farm in Chiapas.

    Photography is his favorite hobby but he’s a “gourmand professionnel”, which helps him a lot to identify the flavors of the coffees.

    Our Partners Across The Globe

    Australia, New Zealand

    Condesa Co-Lab is a green coffee importer based out of Leichhardt in Sydney, Australia. We are uniquely positioned to connect Australian coffee roasters directly to producers and exporters around the world through our unrivaled network of origin operations. We have the ability to source coffee at every quality level from every producing nation. Additionally, we are able to provide ongoing supply, distribution, and risk management solutions for our customers.  


    Cóndor Specialty Coffee is the first exporter of specialty coffee from Colombia since 1987. We source and reveal unique coffees and create value through innovative and transparent solutions that connect passionate roasters and dedicated producers, from farm to cup, hand in hand with coffee growers and roasters. We manage a full supply chain from farms to port via our own and exclusive infrastructures: 6 quality laboratories, 5 buying stations, 1 milling plant with the newest technologies, 1 wet mill under construction. We ship full or mix containers: Terroirs, Microlots, Single Farms, Varieties, Processed coffees.

    Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania

    C. Dorman offers roasters and importers around the world a large variety of qualities and grades from East African coffee producers. Our Nairobi based trading and quality control team has an abundance of knowledge of the region and is able to advise and provide tailor-made solutions for every buyer’s palate. At our modern export facilities, we are able to process and pack coffee to individual client specifications, and our experienced logistics team is able to ensure timely and professional shipment around the globe.


    Descamex has been producing a great-tasting decaffeinated coffee since 1981, with the highest quality standards, through two different caffeine extraction processes: mountain water process and MC process. 

    The company was founded by Mr. Domingo Muguira Revuelta, being the first decaffeinating plant in Latin America, we have been perfecting our processes to achieve a first quality taste, aroma, and consistency, for these reasons we are worldwide recognized as Mountain Water Process.

    Papua New Guinea

    Monpi Coffee Exports Ltd with headquarters based in Goroka and facilities in both Goroka and Mt Hagen, has extensive coverage across Papua New Guinea’s coffee-producing areas and operates at all levels of the supply chain. Monpi’s far-reaching local industry knowledge coupled with our long-term investments enables us to provide a sustainable and transparent service to our clients. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a climate-controlled export warehouse, administration offices, and a brand new production line that has doubled our capacity and features new colour sorters. Monpi has also taken control of facilities at Dako, Kindeng (wet mills), and Ulya (a dry & wet mill), which are located in strategic positions in the Waghi Valley in the heart of “plantation country”. These mills have been completely renovated and each site now features modern wastewater facilities, the first of their kind in the country.


    Kawacom is the Ugandan branch of the ECOM Agro-Industrial Group, and is, since 1996, the leader in sustainable coffee initiatives and export of certified coffees. Kawacom believes that by investing in farming communities the company can positively impact the quality of life of its members and the environment in the areas in which it works. During the harvest season, Kawacom encourages farmers to deliver cherry to their new, state-of-the-art wet mills instead of hand pulping on their farm. This has given their projects increased control over processing activities, which can be challenging in the region as rains during the harvest season are common.


    Through our direct origin relationships, we provide our customers access to a vast network of coffee sourcing and export channels. As a member of the ECOM Coffee Group, we work closely with our global purchasing, milling, and exporting operations to produce and deliver spectacular specialty coffee. In addition to the support we receive from our sister companies at origin, we work with 3rd party independent farms, mills, and exporters. This unique and integrated sourcing approach enables us to meet all your green coffee buying requirements. Be it cup profile, processing, quality and origin selection, sustainable certifications, or direct source, we are confident we can support and help grow your business.

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