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Fresh Mexican Coffee

We select the best coffee beans during the harvest to provide amazing Mexican cafecitos to roasters and importers.

Book Your Mexico Lindo Tour

Sometimes it’s necessary to travel as close as possible to the producers to live the real coffee production experience.

We welcome you to Mexico during or after the harvest, to cup, meet the farmers and discover the cultural richness of this beautiful origin.

Under the circumstances of COVID19 traveling is not easy. We are also happy to organize a call with your producers to keep in touch.

The Cari Coffee Adventure

Cari Coffee was born out of the dual observation that Mexican producers do not have easy access to the specialty coffee market, and a waning interest among younger generations to produce coffee: they needed a tool to bring direct value to the field.

Our team of agronomists, cuppers, and traders is dedicated to finding the best customer for each coffee they produce. We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships between the cooperatives and their customers, in order to guarantee producers stability year after year.

Cari Coffee is part of a global network of specialty exporters and importers, proving the finest coffees of each origin. 

We are the specialty branch of Agroindustrias Unidas de México S.A de C.V. providing specialty micro-lots from Mexican cooperatives and coffee estates.

Latest Blog Articles

The producers tell us how producing specialty coffee changed their vision

This is the story of Ascensión de Dios Josento, a producer of Cuautepec, Puebla. He will tell us how producing specialty coffee changed his vision.

How your premiums are reinvested by producers

Today we invite you to meet the Escalante family, owners of the farm “Peña Blanca” located in the Frailesca region – Chiapas. Last year, Alexis and his mother Adelina sold several specialty microlots through Cari Coffee. Here we will share the history of the farm and Alexis’ projects, as a producer of the new generation.

Conversation with a producer: Doña Natalia Simón Ponce

Today we are going to Puebla, in the beautiful town of Zongozotla. Here, 30 women of the cooperative Productores de Café del Totonacapan are working hard to create a tasty lot for you. This is the story of Doña Natalia Simón Ponce.

A big challenge for 2021 in Chiapas: labor shortage

Here is the investigation carried out by Jesus Santos Santiago and Miguel Ronquillo Aco, two agronomists of the ECOM Sustainable Management Services team. They interviewed a dozen farmers in the coffee region La Frailesca to identify the impacts and the solutions of the situation.