Mexican Specialty Coffees

Mexican specialty coffee

What is


CARI COFFEE was born in 2019 as a specialty coffee division of Agroindustrias Unidas de Mexico. We select and separate the best Mexican coffees for specialty coffee roasters all over the world.



Provide the best Mexican Specialty Coffees in national and international markets to sarisfy clients and achieve better price for producers, with an aim of improving the image of Mexican Specialty Coffee in the world and make coffee production in Mexico sustainable and profitable for producers. 


What we do…

Cupping each lot delivered

We cup all the lots delivered, sometimes even only 2-3 bags to secure the quality. Every lot is stored separately and we can make a tailor-made lot based on the profiles you look for.

Physical Analysis

Physical parameters are important keys to deliver coffees in a good condition to the clientes all over the world, and we always analize Humidity, Water Activity and Density.

4 States in Mexico

We are basically working in a 4 states : Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla. Some coffees from Nayarit, Hidalgo and Mexico State are also available upon request.

Traceability and Quality Premium

All the lots we offer are traceable down to the producer level and we pay premium by quality for producers.

Our Supply Source